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I was born in South East London and raised in a small Warwickshire village, the home of the last Anglo-Saxon bishop and seven pubs of varying quality. I have since studied philosophy in Paris, Oxford and Canterbury, taught English on the isle of Crete, and now find myself in London once again. I'm an ardent supporter of Arsenal F.C, buy far too many books and a few too many plants.

I'm currently writing a PhD at King's College London, supervised by Sara Marzagora and Toby Green on Ethiopian philosophy, oriental scholarship in the shadow of empire, Ge'ez philology and the politics of authenticity.


I have an abiding fascination with two animals in particular: the majestic Capra nubiana and the the gracious Hippopotamus amphibius and recently saw a Mandarin duck in Hampstead ponds.


  • English 


  • French 


  • Modern Greek


  • Ancient Greek 


  • Ge'ez   








2020 - 

King's College London

2016 - 2018

University of Oxford

University of Oxford

2011 - 2015

University of Kent

University of Kent

2013 - 2014

Université Paris IV – La Sorbonne

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