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I occasionally discuss my research, writing and interests on radio, podcasts and other venues. These include my own interview series 'Philosophising In..' that you can find in text here, or as a podcast here. and.  I am also BBC New Generation Thinker for 2024 and will feature on programs on Radio 4 over the coming months. Links to the talks are embedded in the thumbnails below.

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New Thinking: 2024’s New Generation Thinkers

From the history of childcare to the etiquette of listening, early modern Ethiopian philosophy to new poetry, film and drama studies to law: we hear about the latest research from 10 UK based academics

What is... Authorship?

What counts as authorship? Why does it matter? Should we stop putting our names on what we write and sign off instead, as early scribes preferred to do, as nothing more than humble servants of God? In this episode, Justin E.H. Smith thinks through these questions with Jonathan Egid, Smith and Egid discuss the motives behind self-effacement and self-promotion, the postmodernist idea of the death of the author, and why we keep reading Homer when we don’t know if he even existed.


Ethiopian Philosophy

A public lecture given in Addis Ababa on Translation, Tradition and the Global Context of Ethiopian Philosophy

What is Africana Philosophy?

A video discussion for Oxford Public Philosophy with Dr Chike Jeffers on the question 'What is Africana Philosophy?', in which we explore the starting point of Africana philosophy, the question of its unity and prospects for its future

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