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I am an experienced teacher and private tutor, offering guidance for A-Level, Pre-U and undergraduate students in the humanities and especially philosophy. I also teach English as a foreign language, and provide bespoke short courses for the philosophically interested student of any age.


See contact page for enquires and rates, and below for testimonials and  details of tuition provided


Philosophy Tutoring

Advanced one-on-one or small group philosophy tutoring for undergraduate students or philosophically-minded amateurs on topics of their choice. Previous and possible short courses include:

  • Philosophy from a Global Perspective

  • The History of Philosophy in the English Language

  • Political Philosophy from Hobbes to Rawls

  • Infinity, Immortality and the Ineffable

"well organized, professional, motivated, highly disciplined, [Jonathan] seriously knows his business. I would recommend him to anyone serious about the study of philosophy" 

Greg Gauthier


A-Level, IB and Pre-U

  • Comprehensive private tutoring for the major secondary education exams in any humanities subject.

  • Experience teaching AQA, OCR and Edexcel exam boards.

"Jonathan is extremely knowledgeable and provides excellent tuition. He is also an exceptionally nice person, who makes lessons fun as well as useful"

Kate Waine

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